Phoenix, Arizona October, 2007 description The photo set was taken while on a UNM sponsored trip to the Phoenix area. Places visited include ASU, Phoenix Central Library, Desert Broom Library, Palo Verde Library, Arabin Library (Scottsdale), Phoenix Art Museum, and Wendell Burnett Architects.

Grand Canyon, Arizona June, 2007 description Photos from the Summer 2007 Trip. We decided to stop by the Grand Canyon as we made our way back across Arizona from Los Angleles. Unfortunately it rained that day, so the visit was cut short... but maybe we made better time on the way back because of it.

Meteor Crater, Arizona June, 2007 description Photos from the Summer 2007 Trip. After the Grand Canyon, we finally decided to stop at the Meteor Crater which we had driven by many times before. The Meteor Crater is located about 10 miles south of a place along I-40 called Rimmy Jims in Central Arizona.

New York City, New York June, 2006 description Photos from my second visit to New York City. We were there almost a whole week so I had a lot of time to find some good shots. The weather was pretty awesome compared to the first time I went so I feel like I experienced the city in a whole new way.

East of Pendleton, Oregon May, 2006 description I don't really know what else to call this place. But on our way up to Seattle that summer we were driving west along I-84 through the Umatilla National Forest. All of a sudden the trees were gone and we were looking straight out over some flatland from the top of a plateau-esque hill. The sun was just about to set so we got out and took a few pictures and enjoyed the view before heading on. Still one of the best vistas I've ever seen.

Seattle, Washington May, 2006 description Finally got to visit Seattle! We made the trek during the 2006 summer trip. We spent a good amount of time at the Seattle Public Library, the building Viktor, Max, and I had to study for precedent in 300 Level. Really awesome building! The city was nice too, Daniel says we were lucky to get so much sunshine the few days we visited.

Portland, Oregon May, 2006 description We headed down to Portland after visiting Seattle. It's a nice pedestrian freindly place. We mostly putted around and did normal things because we stayed with Daniel's friends. Found some neat stuff for pictures though.

Los Angeles & San Diego, California May, 2006 description Visited Los Angeles (Six Flags) for a day, then headed down to San Diego to stay with Sandy's friends. I had been to San Diego before but never went to the Salk Institute. It was pretty amazing, I could take pictures there all day long. We found our way to the water eventually, where it was cloudy.